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I like to say that I am a conceptual taxidermist. I take an assignment, cut it open, examine every bit and piece, inside and out. You know - I get to the guts of it all. Then I figure out how to sew it up into a beautiful, impactful beast of an idea that lives infinitely. Naming that beast and coming up with a killer tagline is where I really shine. My Spanish background and obsession with lingo of all kinds give me an edge or just a whole lot more words to choose from. I’m a perpetual idea generator, covert designer, strategist and brand-positioning yogi.


I’ve created content, marketing materials, social, print, radio, websites and I’ve dabbled in TV. My portfolio is a smorgasbord of consumer, b2b and healthcare clients including both local, boutique clients and international brands like Sears, Kenmore, Midol, Red Lobster, United Technologies, Wilson, Mr. Coffee, Tresemme, Hunts, Klondike, and Summer’s Eve to name a few.


I have 8 years of agency experience and about 25 years of obsessive brainstorming under my belt. Yet I still have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy. While I’m not wrangling words, I’m trying to not use my favorite 4-letter ones on my three kids and two crazy rescue dogs. I love to run, shop, travel, laugh, sunbathe and make fun of friends, family and myself. By the way, my name means breadstick in Spanish. For years I thought it meant little a-hole.

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